On we drove, down to PDX to do a show with Wampire (They are awesome, check them out if you haven't already). It was pretty sweet and made us realize that we need to go on tour before we all loose are minds completely...so the tempers haunted tour is in zee works. Prepare yourself because we will be visiting you.

Chillin in Toledo was cool...until later that night when I realized I had left my phone at the gas station.

Man, radio has really gone down hill.

Hottest club between here and Portland

Mississippi Studios in Portland with Wampire

vocoder jamz

shakin it down with sky guy sam

Refinding my phone was awesome. The gas station attendant who found it immediatly recognized us, which could only mean she was secretly looking thru the photos!

Thank you to all our friends and fans..we love you very much muuuuuah Ha Ha!!